Hello, I’m Banner Kidd.  I’m a singer/songwriter, author, podcaster, and Bible teacher, with a focus on faith and family. My professional experience has been in live music performance, broadcast radio, and a producer and songwriter in the recording studio. Being born again in 1987, I have served in music ministry, Christian Radio management, as a teaching elder, and now as an at-large encourager to those who have received a love for the Truth.  Having spent the better part of two decades immersed in the Hebrew Roots movement, and seeing shipwrecked faith, to the point of denying the Messiah, my mission is to sound the alarm and help those who need to know what Scripture says, in the whole counsel of the Word, concerning the matter. The desire to simply proclaim the Kingdom of God, and the Good News of Jesus Christ, and Him crucified. Keeping the focus on Jesus, the Lover of our souls, is the goal.  please contact for more information.