Hello, I’m Banner Kidd.  I’m a hillbilly from East Kentucky. I was born in Prestonsburg and spent ten years of my life in the hollers of Floyd County. Mom and Dad moved me and my sisters to Kendallville, Indiana when I turned ten years old. I was separated from mom and dad for a bit, and at times, essentially homeless. I suffered molestation from an uncle at an early age. It’s taken me decades to really begin to see how this has impacted my life.

Our family has been through some pretty heavy trauma and loss. Our middle daughter, Christy, lost her left arm completely in a car crash that nearly took her life. She was left with two little boys in diapers after her husband left her for a younger woman. It culminated in 2020 when our oldest daughter, Laura, passed on to be with Jesus. Her body succumbed to cancer after a five year journey. The lasting impact upon my wife Karen and me, our daughter Christy, daughter Brook, and son Luke has left us with hurt, emotional trauma, and in the case of my children, a jaded view of the church left by the manipulation of, in my opinion, a very cult-like fellowship we attended for 27 years. But God is at work keeping His promise to “restore to you (us) the years that the canker for has eaten.”

I took my family to Maranatha Christian Fellowship in August of 1993. It changed over the nearly three decades we were a part of the fellowship, including changing the name to Calvary Christian Fellowship and finally Messiah Fellowship as it spiraled farther down the Hebrew Roots hole. I was finally fully awakened to the cultish legalism and manipulation at the time our oldest daughter passed in June of 2020. But for Jesus I wouldn’t be here today. He has something for me to do.

I’m a singer/songwriter, author, podcaster, preacher and Bible teacher, with a focus on faith and family. I began to teach a Bible Study April 1st 2024, with the purpose of planting First Love Assembly, a church fellowship that will eventually meet on Sunday mornings. I work part-time for Inspiration Ministries, after serving full-time for over two years. Inspiration is a Christ focused, gospel based residential recovery program, with the mission to restore community one life at a time. I work developing collaborative relationships with other believers in churches and businesses and serving Inspiration graduates, while overseeing a weekly recovery event in Kendallville, IN. I served as lead case manager and program supervisor through my time with Inspiration. I am ANSA, CRS and CHW certified.

My professional experience has been in live music performance, broadcast radio, jingle writer and brand consultant, as well as a producer and songwriter in the recording studio. Much of my professional music experience was as key member of the Sweetwater Studios Recording Team. Being born again in 1987, I have served in music ministry, Christian Radio management, as a teaching elder for nearly four decades. 

Having spent the better part of two decades immersed in the Hebrew Roots movement, and seeing shipwrecked faith to the point of denying the Messiah for some, my mission is to sound the alarm and help those who need to know what Scripture says, in the whole counsel of the Word, concerning the matter. The legalistic and sectarian mindset extends to traditional churches as well, keeping the body of Christ fragmented and separated, making the body of Christ anemic.

Man has erected walls of separation in religious denominations and sectarianism, that keeps us apart and impotent in impacting our communities for Christ. My desire is to defend the gospel, by simply proclaiming the Kingdom of God, and the Good News of Jesus Christ, and Him crucified, keeping the focus on Jesus, the Lover of our souls, and a submission to God the Spirit to bring unity and power.  I would be blessed to come share my testimony. I can also share some songs I’ve written borne out of my families history. I hope to be an encouragement to others. Click here to hear some of my songs and please click here to contact for more information.