sw-logo-w-tagline-cmykMy go to store for gear is Sweetwater, in Fort Wayne, IN. The most knowledgeable sales engineers on the planet, these folks work hard to provide the best personalized service, the right gear for each person, on time, with a smile, and with candy! I spent much of my music career, professionally, at Sweetwater Studios, before leaving in 2015.

My singer-songwriter live gear consists of….

It is important for me and for the smaller spaces, especially assisted living homes, to have a small, efficient set-up, so as to quickly and easily set up and tear down, and take up as little space as possible.

Special thanks to Sweetwater for supporting this ministry by providing a Mackie Reach for my live sound system. This system is perfect for the singer songwriter, for small venues, like coffee shops, small nightclubs, etc. because it is compact, easy to transport, but provides plenty of high quality sound for your show or event. Weighing in at only 26 pounds, this unit is perfect for me, since I am restricted as to how much I can lift and cart in and out of a venue. It is a very small footprint, enabling me to set up in small areas, quickly and easily

I play acoustic guitar and mandolin and I’m able to run them through the Mackie Reach, so as to not have to bring in added amplifiers for those instruments.

My recording gear…

I use Logic Pro for music production and editing.


I use a TC Helicon Voice Tone harmonizer to add vocal harmonies to my mix. The only additions to the set up are a microphone and stand, and my iPad that I use to control the Mackie Reach remotely and to allow me access to my songbook.

Mojave MA-201fet – I use this mic for voice over work and for my song demos. It’s a great mic! Thanks to Dusty Wakeman of Mojave Audio I have this wonderful mic to use in my production suite. I use it for voice, miking acoustic guitar, mandolin, and small percussion toys.


Peavey PV14AT Mixing and Recording Console – This small, but effective unit allows me to record voice for radio commercials, audio books, and other voice productions, along with demo quality song production. It’s not meant for final, polished music production, yet it is more than adequate for demo quality production and voice-over production.


Adobe Audition – This is the recording DAW that I use for voice recording, song demo recording. Adobe Audition is the industry standard for broadcast radio production. It was formerly called Cool Edit Pro, before Adobe acquired the software. I’ve used for over 17 years. It’s a very good DAW.


I record to an Apple MacBook Pro. The Macbook, being a laptop, allows me to be mobile with recording and editing. Mac is the industry standard for the arts.


I also employ an Apple iMac for in-studio recording and editing.


Multi-track recording with a Tascam 16x08
I use a Tascam 16×08 for multi=track recording…